About us-
A fine, high-end jewelry line, SKYLER + JONES was created by a magnetic couple.

SKYLER + JONES is the story of how Skyler, an elegant, an Upper East-Sider met Jones, an Englishman living in Greenwich Village.

Skyler, a jewelry designer with a fascination for antiques, grew up spending much of her spare time traveling and exploring Europe and its culturally rich influence in art, jewelry and design. Skyler’s love for vintage pieces and the contrast between antiques and contemporary jewelry inspired her to design jewelry that combines the best of both worlds.

Jones, with his edgy cool style was born into a family of diamond dealers with its concomitant wealth of knowledge about diamonds and who has lived for many years in Europe as well as the USA.

From different worlds, they met one unplanned evening at a bar in the Meatpacking District. Jones was smitten by Skyler’s style, while Skyler was intrigued by Jones’ charm and way with words. The magic was there that night and so began the creation of a partnership. With their complementary and opposing personalities and common love for jewelry, they created SKYLER + JONES, a sophisticated jewelry line that embodies both glamour and edginess.
At SKYLER + JONES, we strive to create only the finest quality of jewelry at the most competitive and affordable prices. We believe that everyone deserves to experience the intricate beauty of our jewelry creations. SKYLER + JONES jewelry is sophisticated , yet fun and fashion-forward; designed to be enjoyed by both men and women.


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